How it works.

The Office Grapevine works using the true Virtual Assistant office set up.

We’ll meet first in your office.  During this first meeting we will go over your needs, projects and procedures.  Then we’ll map out our operation plan.

We will set up your scheduled tasks in a way that helps you get more done.  We define tasks that need to be performed daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or spontaneously if the need comes up.  Doesn’t that sound better already?  

For some clients this may require a couple more in-person meetings before you really get set up right, but well worth the upfront effort.  

During this time we will normally set up the remote system, so that we can help you manage bookkeeping and other tasks in running your back office virtually.  That’s how we do it.  

Of course much of this up front work depends on what you ultimately need.  For some of our clients it just starts out as a project.  For others its a few hours a week and still others it’s a full on set up.  So we are flexible how we set up the billing  arrangements per each client: per project, weekly, monthly, etc.

Once you are set up out check-ins will be over email and phone with additional Virtual meetings (using GoToMeeting or other tools).

Our virtual set-ups allow for us to keep your pricing very affordable and our processes streamlined!

You’re going to love what you can get done with us!