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Are you bogged down with little things? The pesky paper work, follow up, and marketing tasks that seem to pile up and never get done?

Are there tasks and activities that are keeping you from doing the things that matter in your business?

If so, then I know exactly what you’re going through.

There’s nothing more frustrating than looking at your to do list and wondering if you’re ever going to actually do the thing you love to do in your business.

And to make matters even worse the to-do list gets more and more added to it every day.

You end up feeling resentful and frustrated because you’re trying to figure out everything on your own and nothing you do seems to get you to that next level.

You may have even tried to break free from this cycle of “to-do list overwhelm” and hired someone to come into your office and help you.

However, the BIG problem with this option is that hiring good employees is expensive. Or if you find someone you think is affordable, you have to train them and keep your eye on them all the time. That means you still don’t “get around” to doing the things that matter to you.

So it’s my pleasure to be able to present our
Virtual Assistant Services.

As the name suggests, Virtual Assistants allow you to get more control of your time and energy. You get to focus on more of the important parts of your business. The ones that you love doing and matter most.

What makes us different to all the other Virtual Assistants out there is we are US based and we have years of experience serving Start Up Companies, Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Agents, Attorneys, and Doctors for almost a decade.

Let’s quickly take a look at how we can help youtame your to do list and bridge the gap to more success in your business.

Our Virtual Assistants can:

      • Help you update all of your contacts and put them into in a functional data base, so you can easily send a newsletter, an offer, or share ideas
      • Manage basic social media tasks, so you can be ever present among your circles of influence, without spending hours in front of your computer
      • Write and proofread papers, marketing materials, letters and proposals, so that you don’t have to stop your sales activities and stare at your computer with writers block.
      • Create task lists and procedures that make it easier to add new people to your business when it makes sense.

Just take a look and hear what some of our clients say:

“Cathy’s top-notch team saw me through an endless amount of estate-related demands and seemingly countless to-do’s! I survived intact emotionally and physically with Cathy and her team’s expertise, integrity and genuine caring. Two thumbs up”
                Laura, Healthy Dining,

“Cathy has really done wonders for my business and my sanity. She has put endless amounts of time and patience into getting my books in order. I really can’t thank her enough. Cathy is an asset to anyone’s business.”
               Bobbie, Crown Mortgage

“There are many times in the business world where time lines push and accuracy is so critical. We know we can always count on you and your team to deliver. I always look forward to giving you a call with my latest request as I know I will receive a positive response.”
               Gina, Imaginative Studios

Having seen these comments from real customers, you might be wondering whether or not you can afford such wonderful service from us.
Especially when you consider that in the past the only way to this kind of help was to actually hire a full time, experienced, employee. Then you’d have to pay salary, taxes, benefits and all those other costs of employees.

However, the reason we created the Office Grapevine’s Virtual Assistant program is that we understand that a lot of business people aren’t ready to hire a full time person. They cannot afford to assume all the cost and time it would take to put on a full time person to do these things.

The great news is, now you don’t have to fork over thousands to get this support.

In fact many of our clients come to us with one small task, one to do, or one project they haven’t gotten around to completing. We help them with that, they get a feel for what it’s like to work with us. We can start small so you can see what a difference it really can make in your business.

So if you want to break free from “To Do List Overwhelm” and bridge the gap to more success in your business, just give us a call.

We’ll take one problem or task or project and help you get it done, quickly and affordably and you can find out for yourself what it’s like. to be more organized, more effective with professional services and support

And here is the best part, you’ll be glad to know that our services comes with my personal 100% Rock Solid, money back guarantee.

If we agree on the scope of your project, and you don’t LOVE what we do for you, for whatever reason, then I actually don’t want to keep your money. All you have to do is shoot me a quick email and I’ll immediately refund every cent.

You have nothing to risk. You’ve wasted enough of your time, energy, and sanity on trying to do all those fiddly tasks around your business yourself.

In just a few minutes you could be getting more work done than you are right now.

Picture right now, the next time you’re faced with a desk full of “To Do’s” and you’ve got sales calls to make, or prospects coming in to see you, or money making projects to complete.

Instead of spending hours stuck at your desk, worrying about how you’re going to get it all done, you make one simple call, and all these little things start getting done, without much of your attention at all.

That’s what I want for you, and I know it’s what you want for yourself, so pick up the phone, send me an email, and let’s get you started today!

The Office Grapevine: Virtual Assistance.  

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Cathy Mallers, Founder of The Office Grapevine