Bookkeeping Services

To us, numbers are sexy.

They are the soul of your business…the measurable result of your passion.   We help you make sense of them.

We organize them and give you ability to read and understand them.  We give you your income statement (aka profit & loss) and your balance sheet.  With that you are better equipped to make the key decisions which pave the way to profitability and growth.

“We are here because entrepreneurs, owners of small and medium size businesses, find that outsourcing the bookkeeping function, and other tasks, allows them to move faster.”    Cathy Mallers

How We Work

We work primarily in a virtual environment, off site.  We specialize in QuickBooks software, and are familiar and capable with some others.  You can use QuickBooks Online for your business or use QuickBooks in a hosting environment for the QuickBooks desktop version.

Our favorite hosting environments include Swizznet or RealTime Data Systems, which allow us both to have access to your QuickBooks file at the same time.  This helps the work flow continuously.

We Take Our Work And Your Information Seriously.

As QuickBooks ProAdvisors, we specialize in QuickBooks bookkeeping both online and offline.  We are also members in good standing with National Association of Certified Professional Bookkeepers (NACPB) and American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB).

Here are some of the basic, time freeing, services you will enjoy:

  • The Shoebox:  You Bring Us Your “Shoebox” Full Of Your Receipts And We’ll Get You Organized, Caught Up, And Ready For The Tax Man!!!
  • We’ll Help You With Your Online Banking
  • You’ll Get Your Bank Reconciliations Done For Once
  • We’ll Help You Organize And Manage Your Accounts Payable
  • You’ll Be Able To Get A Handle On Your Accounts Receivable
  • We’ll Help You Tame The Payroll Management
  • We Are Great At Getting You And Your Company Organize By Improving Your Processes.
  • And More…

You Going To Love What You Can Get Done With Us.    773-871-6900