About The Office Grapevine

In a former life, I sold wine.

Then I found my real niche, helping business people bridge the gap to growth.

I help them organize their bookkeeping and build processes around their work, so that they can focus on the real growth activities for their business.

So when you combine my love of wine with my expertise in small business bookkeeping and administrative tasking, you get The Office Grapevine.

That is the short version of course.

But the real reason we exist is that there is a point where success meets overwhelm. That’s where we step in. We help successful people bridge the gap from chaos to administrative order and, ultimately, more success.

I’ve had Law firms who’ve outgrown their start up systems and asked for help. I provide assistance in their billing operations, give them a clean set of books, and then build out processes for which they could transition to a full time employee.

I’ve helped successful real estate agents get a grip on their inventories, marketing, and bookkeeping. Because successful real estate agents are in the field, and they need help in the back office so they can stay out in the field selling.

Since I have a background in Hospitality, I know what restaurant owners struggle with behind the kitchen-bookkeeping. I help them rein in the books, track sales and inventories better, and keep their employee payrolls accurate.

I have even built entire back office operations for successful entrepreneurs in their start up mode.

So if you are on the cusp of growth, frustrated with the state of organization of your books, overwhelmed with followup systems and administrative chaos, its time you got help.

 Your in the right place.

We have programs that have helped people build from scratch. And we helped them build to a point where they now have more control and confidence in what is getting done.

That may mean a one time project, part time help to suit a particular budget, or even more involvement to help you grow until you can hire a full time administrative support team.

We will bridge the gap for you to grow.

Decide what that looks like for you and give us a call.

When you hire us, you invest in yourself. Give us a call now     773-871-6900